Jared plays music sometimes.

Sidewalk Driver

"Sidewalk Driver are always an absolute pleasure to witness. They rock hard by pulling a lot of '70s arena rock in, packaging it with some glam, wrapping the whole thing in awesome and shooting it back out at the audience with glitter cannons and smoke machines. They are one of the best live bands in Boston..."

- Michael Epstein, Boston Band Crush
Jared plays guitar in Sidewalk Driver. Catch the band at one of their shows in or around Boston.

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Red Red Rockit

"If you were to throw Zep, The Who, and Hendrix into a big pot, maybe mix in a dash of SRV and a Beatle or two, you'd be making up some sweet Red Red Rockit stew."

- Playground Boston
Red Red Rockit is a power trio playing music that harks back to the late 60's. RRR released an EP in 2008 and is not actively playing today. But don't feel bad, the three musicians are still together in Sidewalk Driver.

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